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Pieter Dedoncker (°1984)

Pieter Dedoncker took the rhythm sticks at the age of 9, playing on the drums of his uncle, Danny Van Hoeck (X-legged Sally, FES, …). Since then, the love for that instrument and the passion for rhythm never left him. In 1994, driven by motivation to emulate his uncle he took music lessons at the music school of Kampenhout where he attended 8 years of drum courses with Wim De Bie.

In addition to the school he joined the fanfare (brass band) ‘De Eendracht’ of Kampenhout at the age of 12, where he had the opportunity during 6 years to develop a good technical base and to discover the magical world of percussions, starting on the bass drum and ending on the drums. At the age of 15 he became the drummer for the surf band ‘Harvey and the Revtones’ that still plays today under the name ‘Los Venturas’. That band gave him the opportunity to explore the world of Rock’n Roll, touring in Europe.

Since then he also participated in various projects, such as ‘Ricky Rocket und die Staubsauger’ and ‘The Hydrosonics’. He still regularly plays percussions and drums with the ‘Mechels Salonorkest’ and he always keeps his options open for any new occasion to discover new musical horizons. Having a passion for the jazz drums, he found in SOMEONE ELS the ideal partner for more exploring, and enjoying, the drums.