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Piet Haven (°1966)

Piet got his first guitar at the age of 14. As an autodidact with a particular interest in lyric songs, he quickly became the singer/songwriter for school shows. That’s how he got discovered and invited to join, 2 years later, 4’ TO LATE, a rock band in Haacht, where he was the main author/composer. He also learned how to play the keyboards and to use the full capacity of his voice.

In 1994, Piet was asked to join DL99 (Delay 99), a cover band originally manned only by SABENA personnel. It was in this band, where he was singer, keyboard player and later bassist, that he met Els Artois and Raphaël Van Goubergen. These two asked him to join their duo, and that’s how SOMEONE ELS was born. The new style of music taught Piet to read music and to play jazz. From the beginning Raph was not only a companion but a good music teacher as well. Together, whenever they let themselves go in their musical trips, they try to compose and write. To be continued!

Piet also participates in other projects, like KIF KIF, where he is singer and bassist since 2002, and other bands like ATTIC TRAFFIC, WILSELE ALL STARS, …