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Eva (°1986)

Eva started her musical career at the age of 6 with piano lessons in the music school in Steenokkerzeel. A few years later, with a certificate for music theory, she joined the music school in Kampenhout where she improved her piano skills with Raphaël Van Goubergen until the age of 21. She also learned the violin for 5 years with Nancy Frans, and more music theory for 3 years.

In 2005 she had the opportunity to work on some recordings, as a backing vocalist, with Thomas Molineaux. That’s how she later became one of the female singers in Thomas’ rockabilly band, THE ROCKETEERS.

Her interest in singing, and particularly in jazz singing, grew under influence of the immense record collection of her father. In 2006 she decided to try an admission test for jazz singing at the Royal Conservatory for Music in Brussels. She talked of her intention to her piano teacher, Raph, who had never heard her sing before. He advised her to take some singing lessons with his colleague, Caroline Asaert. That’s how he discovered, only a few doors away, the sound of Eva’s voice. He invited her for a try-out with SOMEONE ELS, and only a few months later she became a full member of the band.

Eva attended one year of singing classes with David Linx at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. She now continues her studies in jazz singing at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.